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Professor Dr. Abdullah Sulaiman Al Amro, M.D. - Chairman, Saudi Cancer Society - CEO, King Fahad Medical City - Professor of Ethical Leadership - New Westminster College - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - http://newwestminstercollege.ca

BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY: Professor Dr. Abdullah Sulaiman Al Amro, M.D.

Professor Dr. Abdullah Sulaiman Al Amro, M.D. is a Senior Fellow of New Westminster College. He is a world-renouned Medical Doctor and is a specialist in radiation and oncology.  Dr. Al Amro graduated in 1988 from Medical School at the King Faisal University in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he earned the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science (MBSS). Afterwards, he completed his internship in 1989 at the Dhahran Health Care Center in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was a Resident in Radiation Oncology from June 1989 to December 1994 at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh, KSA. Dr. Dr. Al Amro also completed the Residency Program in Radiation Oncology at the University of Ottawa Regional Cancer Center in Canada from January 1991 to December 1994.

Professor Dr. Al Amro has a distinguished record of ethical leadership and presently serves as the Chairman of the Saudi Cancer Society and Chief Executive officer of the King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh, KSA. He concurrently serves as a Consultant Radiation Oncologist at the King Fahad Medical City. Dr. Al Amro’s leadership achievements also include assisting in the establishment of health outreach programs throughout Saudi Arabia, the National e-Health Center, the KFSHRC Business Program, and the KFSHRC Reference Laboratory.

Professor Dr. Al Amro is a 1995 Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, where he was certified as a Specialist in Radiation Oncology. He is a Member of the American Board of Radiology Oncology, and completed a Fellowship in Brachytherapy at the University of Ottawa, and Fellowship Training in Stereotactic Radiosurgery at McGill University.

Professor Dr. Al Amro ‘s teaching experience and activities include: Acting Chief Resident, Radiation Oncology Training Program at the University of Ottawa; Residents Training and Education in Ottawa, Canada; Residents Training & Education at McGill University; Post Graduate ENT Training at King Saud University; and Radiotherapy Technical Staff Continuous Education Program.

Professor Dr. Al Amro ‘s senior executive experience includes: Chairman of Stereotactic Radiosurgery Committee, Vice-Chairman of Medical Outreach Program, Member of Radiation Therapy Services Advisory Committee, Member of Research Ethics Committee, Chairman of Radiation Therapy New Equipment Committee, Member of Radiation Therapy New Equipment Acceptance Committee, Member of Microselectron Committee, Member of the Medical Business Unit, Vice-Chairman of the Telemedicine Committee, Member of Deputies Ministry of Health Meetings, Member of the Tumor Committee King Fahad Medical City, Chairman, Scientific Committee for the New Millennium, Chairman Business Executive Committee, Chairman Special Project Committee, Chairman Joint Executive Council, King Fahad Medical City, Chairman Scholarship Committee, King Fahad Medical City, Chairman Space Management and Allocating Committee, Chairman Logistic & Purchasing Committee, Chairman Re-Contracting Staff beyond Retirement Committee, Member of EMRO WHO eHealth Task Force, Chairman Health Information Council, Chairman KFMC Bed Utilization Committee, Chairman Quality Council Committee, Chairman Education and Training Committee, Chairman Joint Budget Council Committee, Chairman Proton Center Higher Supervisory Committee, Chairman Supply and Purchasing Committee, and Member of the WHO EMRO e-Health Committee.

Professor Dr. Al Amro ‘s Presentations and Abstracts include:

– September 1992: Moyamoya post cranial irradiation (Case Report). Presented at the Royal College Annual Meeting. (Acta. Oncol.34:261-263, 1995)

Fall 1993: Is the AJC/UICC staging system a reliable prognostic indicator oral activity cancer? Presented at the Royal College Annual Meeting.

Fall  1993: Concomitant chemo-radiotherapy as adjuvant treatment for breast cancer. (Pilot study) The Royal College Annual Meeting.

May 1994: The treatment outcome of Stage IV oral cavity cancer in Ontario. Presented in the Head and Neck Conference.

November 1995: Radiobiology of radiosurgery and fractionated radiotherapy – presentation to Physics Department, McGill University (invited speaker).

November  1995: Fractionated stereotactic radiosurgery, McGill Experience. Presentation – McGill Radiation Oncology.

April 1996: High dose rate vs. low dose rate brachytherapy.  King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Radiation Oncology

July 1996: Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Oncology Grand Round

August 1997: PET Scan in Nasopharyngeal Cancer, Hong Kong, 14th Asia Pacific Oncology Conference

April 1999: Telemedicine in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Present and Future, ATA Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah. Nasopharyngeal Cancer in Saudi Arabia, Taipei. New Approaches for treatment of Nasopharyngeal Cancer – KFSH & RC, and E-Health in Saudi Arabia, London United Kingdom.

January 2003: Health Care Informatics and Health Gulf, Dubai, UAE

May 1998 A Webber, S. Larson, Al Amro, and Watban; Radiological Findings in pediatric nasopharyngeal cancer; ARRS.

23-26 June 1997: Bazarbashi S, Amin T, Fadda, Flores, Al Amro A, El Warith A, Ezzat, Raja, Rahal, Pai. Phase II trial of cisplatin, 5-fluorouracil and interferon alpha 2.b. in patients with advanced or metastatic epidermoid esophageal cancer.  Arab American Cancer Convention.

November 1997: Ezzat A, Bazarbashi S, Al Amro A, Rostom A, Raja M.  Frequency and distribution of 22,836 adult cancer cases referred to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center.  The First Scientific Symposium of Bahraini Association for the battle against cancer.

September 1998: PET scan head for neck malignancies, Head and Neck Conference; Cairo, Egypt

1999: The role of 18-FDG PET scan in post-radiotherapy nasopharyngeal cancer.  The Saudi Society for ENT meeting, Riyadh.

April 2001. Health Economics, Ministry of Health Economics, Riyadh Saudi Arabia – April 2001.

– Saleem M, FRCS, Al Rajhi N, FRCP (C), Al Husseini G, MD, Mourad W, FCAP, FRCP(C), Abuzeid M, FRCS, Al Otieschan A A, MD, Al Amro A, FRCP©. Prognostic Factors and Role of Elective Nect Treatment in Early Stage Tongue Cancer, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– Weber AL, Lartson S, Al Amro A, Al Watban J. Carcinoma of the Nasopharynx in the Pediatric Age Group. Evaluation by CT, MRI and PET Scanning. 1. Massachusetts Eye and Ear Informary, 2. King Faisal Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A Al Amro, M. Memon, N. Al Rajhi, M. Rahal, A. Radwi, M. Raja, A. Ezzat.  Chemo Radiotherapy in Patients with advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Single, Institution Experience, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– M Memon, A. Al Amro, M. Rahal, N. Al Rajhi, A. Radwi, A. El Weshi. Larynx Preservation Using Weekly Paclitaxel Carboplatin and Concurrent Radiotherapy in Advanced Laryageal and Hypopharyageal Carcinoma, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– Nasser Al Rajhi, Yasser Khafaga, Mohammad Saleem, Ali M. Al Zahrani, Adnan Al Hebshi, Gamal Husseiny, Waild Mourad, Abdullah T. Al Otieschan, Abdullah S. Al Amro, A Study comparing different approaches in managing neck nodes in early carcinoma of the tongue, Saudi Medical Journal, Sept 2002:, Vol.23 (9)

January 2003: Health Care Informatics and Health Gulf, Dubai, UAE

October 2003: Second Head & Neck Surgery Workshop, Bahrain ORL, Head & Neck Association, Manama Bahrain.

11-13th November 2009: Yasser Orz, Mahmoud Al Yamany, Sultan Al Gahrany and Abdullah S. Al Amro, Neuroscience, and Radiosurgery, Centers, King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.  Improved outcome of Intracranial vascular lesions managed using multidisciplinary neurovascular approach.  Presented at 9th International Conference Cerebrovascular Surgery, Nagoya, Japan.

23-25 March 2010: Mushabab Al Asiri, Abdullah Al Amro, Sulaiman Al Sobai, Abdulrahman Jazieh, Oncologist Respective on Tabacco Control: Historical View and Practical Guidelines, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia “Cancer Care in the Arab World.

Professor Dr. Al Amro ‘s Publications and Scientific Papers sent for Publications include:

Al Amro A; Saleem M; Bakheet SD; Al Rajhi N; Larson S; Powe J. The role of 18FDG PET scan in post radiotherapy follow-up of nasopharyngeal cancer.

– Bakheet S; Saleem M; Al Amro A, and Powe J.  False positive PET scan in pulmonary lesion in patients with malignancies.

– Al Hossaini J; Kandil A; Mashed A; Khafaga Y; Allam A; Al Amro A, Roston; Abuzeid; Otieschan A; Saleem M; and Flores A.  An Anlaysis of prognostic factors in patients with carcinoma of the oral tongue.

– El Husseiny G; Kandil A; Jamshed A; Khafaga Y; Saleem M; Allam A, Al Rajhi N; Al Amro A; Rostom AY; Abuzeid M; Otieschan A; Flores AD.  Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral tongue: An Analysis of Prognostic Factors.  Brit. J. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery accepted.

– M. Fareed, Al Amro A, M.A. Tonio, M. Assiri, Y. Bayoumi, M. Mubasher, R. Akasha: Intensity modulated Radiotherapy with simultaneous Modulated Accelerated Boost Technique in patient with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma King Fahad Medical City Experience.

– M. Fareed; A. Al Amro; Rashad Akasha, Mansour Al Assiry; M. Assiri, Muthair Tonio, Yasser Bayoumi: Parapharyngeal space hemangiopericytoma treated with surgery and postoperative radiation.  A  Case Report.

– Yasser Bayoumi, Abdullah S. Al Amro; Reham Abdul-El Moniem, Iem Sohaibani, Osman Al Hanafy, Abouseah Al Awadi, Mushabbab Al Assiri.  Assessment of three-dimensional set-up errors in head and neck cancer patients treated by intensity modulated radiotherapy using electronic portal imaging device.  The Gulf Journal on Oncology: 2009:6:39-44

– Yasser Bayoumi, Reham Abdul-El Moniem, Mushabbab Al Asiri, Eyad Al Saeed, Osman El Hanafy, Mokhtar Al Shanqeeti, Abdullah S. Al Amro.  Acute toxicity of Pelvic irradiation erythematosis treated with intensity modulated radiotherapy and Brachytherapy: Case series and review of Literature.  The Medical Journal of Cairo University. 2009: 77(3):127-133

– Abou Saleh Elawadi, Yasser Bayoumi, Reem Al Omran, Reham Abdul El Moniem, Abdullah S. Al Amro.  Does Intravenous Contrast Agent Affect Does Calculation of three dimensional treatment planning system.  Published @ 4th KFMC Research Conference 2009.

– Saleh F. Al Dhahri, Abdullah S. Al Amro, Wafa Al Shakwer, Abdullah S. Al Terkawi. Cerrbellar mass as a primary presentation of papillary thyroid carcinoma: Case report and literature review. PubMed/BioMed Journal Articles in Head & Neck Oncology 2009, 1:23 doi.1186/1758-3284-1-23.

Abdullah S. Al Amro, Abdelsalam Ismail, Doaa Abdelmoety, Yasser Bayoumi: Phase III, Double Blind Placebo-Controlled Study of Post-Operative Adjuvant Concurrent Chemo-Radiotherapy with or without nimotuzumab for Stage III/IV Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer.  Preliminary results in KFMC annual research conference 2011.

– Yasser Bayoumi, Reham Abdulmoniem, Abdullah S. Al Amro. Chapter 131: Stereotactic Radiosurgery-Others; Neurosurgery tricks of the trade book.  Thiemes Medical Publisher 2011.

Abdullah S. Al Amro, Yasser Bayoumi, Reem Zatar, Majeb Mowsry, Reem Al Omran, Hossam Al Assaf, Doaa Abdelmoety:  Conformity index and normal tissue does constraints of IMRT in Nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients.

Abdullah S. AL Amro, Abdelsalam Ismail, Doaa Abdelmoety, Yasser Bayoumi: Phase III, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled study of post-operative Adjuvant concurrent Chemo Radiotherapy with or without nimotuzumab for staff III/IV Head and Neck squamous cell cancer, Multicenter trial in collaboration with Singapore.

Abdullah S. Al Amro, Ali Al Zahrani, Doaa Abdelmoety, Abdelsalam Ismail: A Comparative multicenter study of Neoadjuvant Decotaxel / Cistplatin followed by concurrent cisplatin with radiotherapy using intensity modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) with or without Bavacicizumab for Locally Advanced Nasopharyngeal Cancer.

Professor Dr. Abdullah Sulaiman Al Amro is a supporter of world-class curriculum development, and is committed as a Senior Fellow to the advancement of New Westminster College and its Global Network of Fellows.



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