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Dr. Khaldoun El-Abed, MD, FRCS, EDipSpine, MHA


© PHOTOGRAPH of New Westminster College - Dr. Khaldoun El-Abed, MD, FRCS, EDipSpine, MHA - Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon - Senior Fellow of New Westminster College - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - http://newwestminstercollege.ca


Dr. Khaldoun El-Abed is an orthopedic and spine surgeon, medical doctor and Senior Fellow of New Westminster College. He earned a MBBS in Medicine from the University of Jordan in 1992, a Diploma in Spine Surgery from the Spine Society of Europe in 2010, and a MHA in Health Care Administration and Management from the University of Atlanta in 2012. Dr. El-Abed has been a Fellow in Orthopedic Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh since 1999.

Dr. El-Abed has a distinguished record of ethical leadership and has served as a Consultant Ortho Spine Surgeon at Almana General Hospitals in AlKhobar, Saudi Arabia since October 2010. His other leadership positions include:

  • June 2008-September 2010:  Consultant Orthopaedics and Spine Surgeon, Cheltenham General Hospital, Gloucestershire, UK.
  • February 2005 – May 2008: Associate Specialist in Orthopaedics, Cheltenham General Hospital, Gloucestershire, UK.
  • September 2004 – February 2005: Associate Specialist in Orthopaedics, North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple, County Devon, UK.
  • July 2003 – July 2004: Fellowship year at Spine Unit, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK.
  • July 1999 – June 2003: Higher Orthopaedic Surgical Scheme in the Republic of Ireland rotating over four years on different university hospitals, specialising in Orthopaedic Surgery.
  • January 1998 – June 1999: SHO in Orthopaedics at Limerick Regional Hospital, Republic of Ireland.
  • July 1997 – December 1997: Senior House Officer in Orthopaedics, Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin, Dublin 12, Republic of Ireland.
  • March 1997 – June 1997: SHO in A&E at Mercy Hospital, Cork, Republic of Ireland.
  • June 1996 – November 1996: Surgical Resident at Al-Khalidi Hospital, Amman, Kingdom of Jordan.
  • July 1993 – July 1995: Junior Surgical Resident rotating in a two-year scheme with basic surgical training at Jordan University Hospital, Kingdom of Jordan.
  • July 1992 – June 1993: Internship rotations in General Surgery, OBS/GYN, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine and A&E at Salt General Hospital, Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Jordan.

Dr. El-Abed spine experience and educational courses include:

  • 13th Dubai Spine Conference, Dubai, UAE, May 2012
  • 16th Pan Arab Orthopaedics Congress, Moderator for the Spine Session, Amman, Jordan, November 2011
  • AO Spine Visiting Fellowship, Center for Spinal Disorders, Denver, Colorado, July and August 2011
  • Instructional course for Cervical and Lumbar disc replacement surgery – Synthes, Denver, USA, August 2011
  • 12th Dubai Spine Conference, Dubai, UAE, May 2011
  • Practical Aspects of Lumbar Posterior Fusion, Paris, France, April 2011
  • 11th Cervical Spine Instructional Course, University of Barcelona, Spain, June 2010
  • Cadaveric Workshop for Minimally Invasive Lumbar Surgeries, Barcelona, Spain, November 2009
  • EuroSpine 2009 Annual Meeting, Warsaw, Poland, October 2009
  • Non-rigid Stabilisation of the Spine: XVth Brussels International Spine Symposium, Brussels, November 2008
  • Second annual meeting of World Society for Endoscopic, Navigated and Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery (WENMISS), London, January 2008
  • Balloon Kyphoplasty Surgeon Training Program, Leiden, Holland, May, 2007
  • Fractures of the spine and tumors in the spine: Controversies in etiopathogenesis, management and costs. XIIIth Brussels International Spine Symposium, Belgium, November 2006
  • Britspine, the third combined meeting, Nottingham, UK, April 2004
  • AO Spine forum, Royal Society of Medicine, London, March 2004
  • AO Spine Basic Course, Tewkesbury, UK, November 2003
  • IDET Course, University College Hospital, London, October 2003
  • Current Strategies in Spine Surgery, AAOS Course, Charleston, South Carolina, USA, May 2001
  • Spinal Approaches Cadaver Course, RCSI, Dublin, September 2000

Dr. El-Abed general orthopedics experience and educational courses include:

  • Revision Knee Master-class, Glasgow, UK, November 2009
  • 6th Interactions in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Meeting, Dublin, October 2007
  • Revision Hip Arthroplasty Masterclass, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK, June 2007
  • Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty Training Symposium, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, November, 2006
  • 5th Interactions in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Meeting, Towcaster, UK, June 2006
  • Oxford Unicompartmental Knee Advanced Instructional Course, July 2005
  • Hand Surgery Course for FRCS (Orth), Wrightington, April 2005
  • Bristol Basic Course for  FRCS (Orth), June 2004
  • Rotator cuff diseases, King’s College Hospital, London, October 2003
  • Basic Sciences for Orthopaedics, Stanmore Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London, UK, March 2003
  • Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Meeting, sponsored by PEI, Kildare, Ireland, October 2001
  • An Instructional Course in Total Knee Arthroplasty, Summer University, Princess Margaret Rose Orthopaedic Hospital, Edinburgh, UK, September 2001
  • Paediatric Orthopaedics Review Course, Cappagh National Orthopaedics Hospital, Dublin, April 2001
  • Intermediate Knee Arthroscopy Course, Stanmore, London, December 2000
  • Musculoskeletal MRI Study Day, Cappagh Orthopaedics Hospital, Dublin, March 2000
  • Radiation Protection Course, UCD, School of Diagnostic Imaging, Dublin, September 1998
  • Surgical Fellowship Course in Hammersmith, London, March 1998

Dr. El-Abed’s publications include:

  • K. El-Abed, MJ Barakat, D. Ainscow. Hinge Osteotomy and Decompression for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: Midterm Follow up for a modified surgical technique, Journal of Spinal Disordors and Technique 2011 Aug; 24(6):376-80
  • K. El-Abed, N. Mohamed, D. Ainscow. Flip Osteotomy and Decompression for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (Abstract), Eur Spine Journal 2009, 18(Suppl 4):450-451.
  • T. Ibrahim, O. Gabbar, K. El-Abed, I. Nelson. The value of radiographs obtained during forced traction under general anesthesia in predicting flexibility in idiopathic scoliosis with Cobb angles exceeding 60°, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery – Br 2008, 90-B, Issue 11, 1473-76
  • OA Gabbar, K. El-Abed, MJ Hutchinson, IW Nelson. The value of forced traction under anaesthesia and fulcrum bending views in predicting curve flexibility in large curves for idiopathic scoliosis, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery – Br 2008, 90-B, Issue Suppl 3: 450.
  • K. El-Abed, S. Ali, S. Dixon, J. Hutchinson, IW. Nelson ‘‘ Prediction of Surgical Correction of Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Comparison of Fulcrum Bending and Traction Radiographs ’’ – Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery – Br 2005;87(Suppl 3):237 
  • El-Abed K., McGuinness A, Kennedy JG  “ Comparison of Outcome Results of Uncemented Hemiarthroplasty and DHS for Displaced Subcapital Hip Fractures in patients aged more than 70 years ” – Acta Orthop Belg, Feb, 2005:48-54.
  • K.Waheed, K. Yasir, K. El-Abed, F. Thompson ‘‘Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Radius in Displaced Paediatric Both-Bone Forearm Fracture ’’ – Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery – Br 2003;85(Suppl 2):138-139.
  • Mofidi A., El-Abed K., McCabe J., “Functional Outcome Study of Patients after Surgical Decompression for lumbar Spinal Stenosis : Effects of Concomitant Pathology ” – Published in J. of Spinal Disorders & Techniques, 2002;15(5):377-83.
  • K. El-Abed, H. Mullett, C. Prasad, M. O’Sullivan, ‘‘ Compartment Syndrome Following Diaphyseal Tibial Fractures In a Regional Trauma Unit-Risk Factors and Outcome’’ Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-Br 2002, 84(Suppl 1):7.
  • Mullett H., El-Abed K., Prasad C., O’Sullivan M., “ Outcome of Compartment  Syndrome Following Intramedullary Nailing of Tibial Diaphyseal Fractures ” – Published in   INJURY Journal, 2001 Jun; 32(5):411-413.
  • Kennedy J., El-Abed K., Mulcahy D., Moore D., “ Evaluation of the role of pin fixation versus collar and cuff immobilisation in supracondylar humeral fractures in children” – Published in  INJURY Journal, April 2000,31(3):163-167.
  • El-Abed K., Kennedy J., Dowling F., Fogarty E., “ Alar transverse fusion for spondylothisthesis in children” – Published in the Irish Journal of Orthopaedics and Trauma, March 1998.

Dr. El-Abed’s professional affiliations include:

  • Senior Fellow of New Westminster College, Canada
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
  • Member of Spine Society of Europe (SSE) since 2009
  • Member of American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery since 2008
  • Member of British Medical Association since 1995
  • Member of AO Spine Society

As a Senior Fellow of New Westminster College, Dr. Khaldoun El-Abed is dedicated to supporting the highest standards of academic excellence and is committed to the advancement of New Westminster College and its Global Network of Fellows.


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