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Lieutenant General G. Jan Broeks, DFNWC

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BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY: Lieutenant General G. Jan Broeks, DFNWC

Lieutenant General G. Jan Broeks is a senior General Officer of the Royal Netherlands Army and a Distinguished Fellow of New Westminster College. He  studied from 1977 to 1981 at the Royal Military Academy in the City of Breda, and then was was posted at 103 (NLD) Supply Battalion as a Second Lieutenant.

From 1983 to 1984, First Lieutenant Jan Broeks was Chief Logistics Officer of a helicopter squadron. In 1985, a tour of duty in Lebanon ensued. Within the framework of the UNIFIL mission, he became Commander of the Logistic Platoon supporting the Dutch Infantry Company. He was temporarily promoted to Captain for the duration of the mission.

Upon coming back to The Netherlands, and after a short spell at the staff of the (NLD) Army Logistic Command, he assumed command over 112 (NLD) Mixed Supply Company as a Captain in January 1986. In 1989, he moved on to a position within the G2/3 Branch of HQ 103 (NLD) Supply Battalion.

From 1990 to 1992, Captain Jan Broeks passed the Staff College and subsequently the General Staff College. In 1992, by then a Major, he became Staff Officer Logistic Operations with G4 Branch at GHQ 1st (NLD) Army Corps in Apeldoorn. Later in 1994, he and his family lived in the United Kingdom, where he studied at the Command and Staff College at Camberley. Upon returning in 1995, he took a seat as Lecturer in Strategic Studies at the Netherlands’ Institute for Defence Studies.

In 1996, following a promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel, he got postings both with the Directorate of Army Material and Army Command. From 1998 to the beginning of 2000, he commanded 100 (NLD) Supply and Transport Battalion. It was during this period that he was on mission for the KFOR operation in the capacity of Deputy CO of the 1 (NLD) Humanitarian Relief Battalion KFOR. Thereafter, he got a posting as Army Planner at the Defence Staff. In 2001, followed his promotion to full Colonel, he remained at Defence Staff, but as Chief, International Plans.

In 2003, Colonel Jan Broeks became Head of the Department for General Policies as part of the Army Command Staff. In 2005, when Army Command changed into Command Land Forces, he moved to the position of Head of the Department for Management Support.

Lieutenant General Broeks has a distinguished record of ethical leadership. On the 1 June 2007, he was promoted Brigadier and on the fourth day of that same month, he took command over 1 (NLD) Logistic Brigade. As of 2009, 1 (NLD) Logistic Brigade was amalgamated with the Combat Support Brigade into a new unit, Land Operations Support Command. Brigadier Broeks was the 1st commander of this command. From January 2010, he has prepared his units for the redeployment-mission in Uruzgan, and as of August 1st, he has commanded the mission-tailored Redeployment TaskForce. And after returning from his deployment, Brigadier Broeks took on his new appointment as Deputy Director for Plans at the Netherlands Defence Staff as of April 2011.

Brigadier General Broeks was promoted to Major-General on 1 January 2012 and became responsible for the execution of the transformation and reorganization and budget reduction program of the NLD Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence. The following year, on 15 April 2013, he assumed the position of Military Representative of the Netherlands to the Military Committees of NATO and the EU, and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.

Lieutenant General Brooks took over the position of Director General of the NATO International Military Staff (DGIMS) from outgoing Director General Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper on 27 July 2016.

As a Distinguished Fellow of New Westminster College, Lieutenant General G. Jan Broeks is dedicated to supporting the highest standards of academic excellence and is committed to the advancement of New Westminster College and its Global Network of Fellows.