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Professor Aubrey Vance Renfroe, BA, MGS, MA, EdS, MSM, AM, LM, SFNWC


© NWC - Professor Aubrey Vance Renfroe, BA, MGS, MA, EdS, MSM, AM, LM - Colonel, United States Air Force (Retired) - Chairman of the Board and President, Minuteman Institute for National Defense Studies - Senior Fellow of New Westminster College - http://newwestminstercollege.ca

BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY: Professor Aubrey Vance Renfroe, BA, MGS, MA, EdS, MSM, AM, LM, SFNWC

Professor Renfroe is a Professor of Leadership and Senior Fellow of New Westminster College. He has a distinguished record of ethical leadership and retired after 27 years active service in the United States Air Force and Air National Guard. His military career included combat service as a pilot in Vietnam and several years of duty at the Pentagon. He also served as Director of Operations and Director of Programs for the Air National Guard of the United States.

Professor Renfroe was the Senior Air National Guard Advisor to the Directors of Operations and Plans at Headquarters, United States Air Force.  He was the first Senior Reserve Forces Advisor to the Commander of the U.S. European Command and the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe.

Professor Renfroe established the first Air National Guard Office of International Affairs and was Director of International Affairs for the National Guard of the United States. He was co-creator of the National Guard State Partnership Program, which has now grown to partnerships with 67 nations.

Professor Renfroe’s military leadership experience includes:

  • Special Assistant to Chief for International Policy (Joint), National Guard Bureau
  • Director, International Affairs, National Guard of the United States (Joint)
  • 1st Director of International Affairs,  National Guard Bureau (U.S. Department of Defense and The Pentagon)
  • 1st Senior Advisor to Commander in Chief, U.S. European Command
  • 1st Director, Operations & Programs, Air National Guard (U.S. Department of Defense and The Pentagon)
  • Senior Reserve Forces Advisor (first ECRA) for CINCEUR/SACEUR
  • Acting Director, Operations, Plans, Programs, Air National Guard of the United States
  • Director, Operations and Programs, Air National Guard of the United States
  • Senior Advisor, Director of Plans, Headquarters, United States Air Force
  • Executive, Air Reserve Forces Policy Committee, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force
  • Chief, Forces Branch, Programs Division, Air National Guard, National Guard Bureau
  • Chief, Fighter Forces, Programs Division,National Guard Bureau
  • Assistant Director of Operations and Operations Planner, 134 Air Refueling Wing
  • Senior Advisor, Rated Management Division, Directorate of Operations, Headquarters, United States Air Force
  • Command Post Senior Controller and Squadron Pilot, 123 Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Louisville Kentucky
  • Command Pilot, Instructor, Evaluator in Various Operational Assignments in the United States Air Force, including three tours in Southeast Asia (C-123, KC-135A, B-52G)
  • Aircraft flown: T-41, T-37, T-38, C-123K, KC-135A, B-52G, C-131D, RF-4C, KC135E, T-33, F-15A/B, F-16A/B

Professor Renfroe’s other professional experience includes:

  • 1992 to present: President and Chief Executive Officer, Renfroe Associates International
  • 2000 to present: Chairman of the Board of Directors, and President, Minuteman Institute for National Defense Studies
  • 2009 to present: Member, Editorial Board, Common Defense Quarterly
  • 2008: Research Fellow, Department of Educational Leadership, The George Washington University
  • 1977-1978: Founder, President and Chairman of the Board, Youth Enrichment Services, Inc.

Professor Renfroe is fluent in English, German and Spanish and his academic qualifications include:

  • 2008: EdS in Education, The George Washington University (3.98 GPA)
  • 1991: Master of Arts in National Security Affairs, Naval War College
  • 1985: Master of Arts in International Relations, Salve Regina University
  • 1977-1979: Graduate Study in Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • 1977: Master of General Studies in Comparative Political Systems (Middle East and Russia), Arkansas State University
  • 1969-1970: Graduate Study in Comparative Religions, Florida State University
  • 1969: Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Louisiana College

Professor Renfroe’s professional military education (PME) and training includes:

  • U.S. Naval War College
  • Air Command and Staff College
  • NATO Reserve Forces Course, National Defense University
  • NATO Officers Orientation Course, Oberammergau, Germany
  • Command Pilot, Instructor and Evaluator, United States Air Force
  • Combat Pilot, , United States Air Force
  • Squadron Officer School

Professor Renfroe’s other higher education activities includes:

  • 2006-2011: Leader, International Conferences on National Security Affairs
  • 2005: Debated Military Force Structure, Lou Dobbs Tonight, CNN
  • 2004: Leader, Panel on the United States and Post-war Afghanistan and Iraq, COMDEF 2004, San Diego, California
  • 2003: Leader, International Coalition Warfare Roundtable, National Press Club
  • Symposium on the Marshall Plan: Development and Operation, Harvard University
  • The Marshall Plan from Those Who Made it Succeed, The George Washington University
  • International Cooperation for Peace and Stability, Szeged, Hungary
  • Cooperation for Stability and Peace, Moscow Institute for Political Studies, Pskov, Russian Federation
  • The Marshall Legacy Symposium, The George Washington University and the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Featured Speaker on National Guard Capabilities, Costs and Missions, Heritage Foundation

Professor Renfroe is a frequent speaker and international presenter. He has been published in numerous in vital speeches, books, journals and scholarly papers. He has written for Congress and NATO, and authors regular articles and is a member of the Editorial Board of the Common Defense Quarterly.

Professor Renfroe’s honours, awards and decorations include:

  • Professorial Appointment: Professor of Leadership, New Westminster College
  • Senior Fellow, New Westminster College
  • Outstanding Leadership Award, Signed by the U.S. Secretary of Defense and President of the George Washington University
  • National Guard Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Legion of Merit
  • Air Medal
  • Meritorious Service Medal

As a Professor of Leadership and Senior Fellow of New Westminster College, Professor Aubrey Vance Renfroe is dedicated to supporting the highest standards of academic excellence and ethical leadership, and is committed to the advancement of New Westminster College and its Global Network of Fellows.