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Professor Dr. Dan Atar, D.Med.Sci., FESC, FACC


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BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY: Professor Dr. Dan Atar, D.Med.Sci., FESC, FACC

Professor Dr. Dan Atar is a Professor of Cardiology, Surgeon and Senior Fellow of New Westminster College. He graduated in 1985 from Medical School at Basel University in Switzerland and subsequently trained in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, University of Basel in Switzerland, University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and Zurich University in Switzerland. Dr. Atar received Board Certification in Internal Medicine in 1995 and Cardiology in 1996.

Professor Atar has an outstanding record of ethical leadership and presently serves as Head of Cardiology at Oslo University Hospital Ulleval in Oslo, Norway, and holds a full Professorship in Cardiology at the University of Oslo in Norway, along with a Visiting Associate Professorship at the Johns Hopkins Unversity in Baltimore, Maryland. His research focuses on myocardial biomarkers, myocardial function, heart failure and cardiovascular pharmacology. He has comprehensive training in all cardiologic subspecialties, e.g., intensive cardiology, invasive cardiology, heart failure, non-invasive/nuclear cardiology, pacemaker and arrhythmia, transplantation cardiology. Performed >1000 coronary angios, >5000 echocardiographies, >200 PM-implants, >1500 PM-programmings, >2000 stress-EKGs, >100 TEEs, >1300 myocardial scintigraphies, etc.

Professor Atar has written more than 100 articles and book chapters and holds the fellowship titles of FESC, FACC, and inaugural FAHA. He is a member of 18 scientific societies, Executive Member (Treasurer) of the Board of the Norwegian Society of Cardiology, and Member of the ESC Guideline Task Force on Heart Failure (2008), CV Disease Prevention (2007), Bleeding Complications (2010), Atrial Fibrillation (2010), and Universal Definition of AMI (2012).

Professor Atar is the past-Chairman of the ESC Working Group-3 (Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Drug Therapy), and Associate Editor of the international peer-reviewed journal “Cardiology” (Karger). He was on a number of ESC guideline writing committees, amongst others, the “2010 ESC Guideline on Atrial Fibrillation” as well as the “2012 ESC Guideline Update on Atrial Fibrilliation”. In 2012, Dr. Atar was elected as Councillor of the ESC and Member of the ESC Board for 2012-2014.

Professor Atar’s honours and awards include:

  • Senior Fellow, New Westminster College
  • International Research Award, International Society of Heart Research
  • National Research Award, Danish Society for Internal Medicine
  • Swiss Heart Foundation Award
  • Recipient, Numerous Research Grants  

As a Senior Fellow of New Westminster College, Professor Dr. Dan Atar is dedicated to supporting the highest standards of academic excellence and is committed to the advancement of New Westminster College and its Global Network of Fellows.


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