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Professor Dr. Murat Baykara, MD, PhD, SFNWC

© NWC - Professor Dr. Murat Baykara, MD, PhD - Physician and Radiologist - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University (Turkey) - Senior Fellow of New Westminster College - http://www.newwestminstercollege.ca

BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY: Professor Dr. Murat Baykara, MD, PhD, SFNWC

Dr. Baykara is a Senior Fellow of New Westminster College with an outstanding record of ethical leadership and service as a professor, physician and radiologist. His teaching activities include:

  • Postgraduate Level: Physics of Radiological Modalities and Higher
  • Graduate Level: Introducing Radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Breast Imaging, Head and Neck Radiology
  • Research Interests: Contrast Media, Molecular Imaging and Radiobiology
  • Other Research Interests: Noninvasive Imaging of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

Dr. Baykara’s professional experience includes:

  • 2014 to present: Assistant Professor and Lecturer, Radiology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University, Kahramanmaras, Turkey
  • 2003-2014: Radiologist, Radiology Department, Elazig Training and Research Hospital, Turkish Ministry of Health, Elazig, Turkey
  • 2004-2007: Founder, Member of the Board of Directors and Radiologist, Elazig Ufuk Medical Center, Elazig, Turkey
  • 2003-2004: Radiologist, EL–TIP Imaging Center, Elazig, Turkey
  • 1998-2003: Radiology Resident, Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey
  • 1992-1998: Medical Practitioner, Vali Muharrem Goktayoglu Cottage Hospital, Turkish Ministry of Health, Elazig, Turkey
  • 1994-1995: Lieutenant (Medical Practitioner), Turkish Armed Forces, Idil, Sirnak, Turkey

Dr. Baykara’s education includes:

  • 1996-1998 and 2009-2012: Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology, Firat University, Elazig, Turkey
  • 1998-2003: Radiology Specialist, Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey
  • 1986-1992: Doctor of Medicine, Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey
  • Dr. Baykara’s Radiology Residency Thesis: Comparison between the findings of magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography and percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography in patients with obstructive jaundice.
  • Dr. Baykara’s Physiology Doctorate Thesis: An investigation of the effects of the gadolinium and gadolinium chelates on the intracellular calcium in the different cell cultures.

Dr. Baykara’s memberships in professional societies include:

  • 2008 to present: European Society of Radiology
  • 2008 to present: Turkish Society of Magnetic Resonance
  • 1998 to present: Turkish Society of Radiology
  • 1992 to present: Turkish Medical Association

Dr. Baykara’s honours and awards include:

  • 2015 to present: Senior Fellow, New Westminster College
  • Reviewer, European Radiology
  • Reviewer, TUBITAK Project No. 213S088
  • Scientific Board Member, Apitherapy Organization of Turkey

Dr. Baykara’s has published more than 60 abstracts (national presentations and posters), and his scientific activities include more than 55 completed publications in scientific journals, including the following articles accepted for publication:

  1. Baykara M, Polat C, Yuce S, Sakallioglu O. Firstly described a rhinolith case in an aerated middle nasal turbinate. Glo Adv Res J Med Med Sci (GARJMMS)
  2. Ozgur A, Demirel A, Baykara M, Goksoy T. Comparison between electroacupuncture and venlafaxine treatment in fibromyalgia syndrome. Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Dergisi (Turkish)

As a Senior Fellow of New Westminster College, Professor Dr. Murat Baykara is dedicated to supporting the highest standards of academic excellence and is committed to the advancement of New Westminster College and its Global Network of Fellows.

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