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Professor Vijay Mehta


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Professor Vijay Mehta is a Fellow of New Westminster College. He has an outstanding record of ethical leadership and is an author and the Chair of Uniting for Peace in London, United Kingdom.

Throughout his life, Professor Mehta has never missed an opportunity to stand for the cause of humanity. He represents the spirit of moderation, tolerance and understanding. He is intent on finding solutions to various issues facing the world. The need for an alternative to the nuclear threat is also very much on his mind and in his capacity as Council Member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, he works tirelessly for reduction and abolition of nuclear weapons.

Professor Mehta deploys his boundless energy and optimism as an advocate of nonviolence and dialogue with a world that grows more chaotic and unpredictable with every passing year, a world in which security issues are entangled with rapidly changing economic, social, and technological trends. All this has made him realize the importance of working with all sections of society to bring in lasting peace, which New Westminster College supports.

In 2009, Professor Mehta addressed a conference in Belfast on “The Truth And Reconciliation Commission for Britain and Ireland, where he met former prisoners and hunger strikers and earned firsthand knowledge of the real problems of keeping the peace after the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland. The findings of the TRCBI Commission and Professor Mehta’s lecture were published in the Irish Times.

Before Professor Mehta went to Belfast to address TRCBI, he met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in London. Archbishop Tutu praised the work Professor Mehta is doing and said, “It is our duty to help people trapped in evil regimes to free them from oppression.”

Professor Mehta has addressed and attended many international conferences, student communities worldwide and is a frequent visitor lecturer at the University of Oxford and St. Andrews University and numerous other universities. Some of his more notable conferences include:

  • Fellowship for Reconciliation, England, London (2012) – “Called to be Peace Makers –Money, Power or Peace?”
  • At Jaipur, Rajasthan, India (2011) – “From Inner Peace to a Vision of Universal Peace”
  • International Peace Bureau conference “Climate of Peace”, Oslo, Norway (2010) – “Disarm the Military Juggernaut for Peace and Development”
  • At Rajsamand, Rajasthan (2010) – Peace-Building in an Unstable World and the Innovative Approaches to World Peace in 21st Century.
  • Magdalen College, Oxford University (2008) – Scarcity in the midst of plenty – the role of effective global governance in reducing poverty?
  • St. Andrews University, Scotland (2008) – “Reforming the UN for the 21st Century”
  • Global Governance Conference, Athens, Greece (2006) – ‘Beyond the Millennium Declaration: Embracing Democracy and Good Governance’
  • World Peace Forum Conference, Vancouver, Canada (2006) – The Danger of Arms Trade in the Global Economy and Building Civil Society.
  • European Peace Conference in Prague, Czech Republic (2005) – “Ending war and building a just, peaceful and sustainable world.”
  • Make Poverty History, Edinburgh, Scotland (2005) – Development in Africa: Shaking the Curse of Poverty, Hunger and Disease.
  • At the Barcelona Forum, Barcelona, Spain (2004) – “Towards a World Without Violence.”
  • European Peace Conference, Prague, Czech Republic (2003) – “Unite for Peace and Justice: Stop War and Terrorism.”

As a Fellow of New Westminster College, Professor Vijay Mehta is dedicated to supporting the highest standards of academic excellence and is committed to the advancement of New Westminster College and its Global Network of Fellows.