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Welcome by Dean and Deputy Dean

© New Westminster College of Caucasus University - Dean Robert Goodwin III and Deputy Dean David K. Shimp - 21 NOV 2017

Welcome to the New Westminster College of Caucasus University!

New Westminster College was originally founded in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada on August 18, 2011 in accordance with the laws of Canada and British Columbia, including the Business Corporations Act of British Columbia, and licensing laws of the City of New Westminster. The presidents and founders of Caucasus University and New Westminster College mutually decided to establish the New Westminster College of Caucasus University after lengthy collaboration and consulting with higher education specialists, and officers and professors from each institution. And on November 1, 2017, the New Westminster College of Caucasus University was established as the tenth constituent school of Caucasus University, which is accredited, and authorized to award bachelor, master and doctorate degrees by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

The New Westminster College of Caucasus University is a college that specializes in providing senior-level executive seminars and intensive advanced programmes in cybersecurity and information intelligence, ethical leadership, diplomacy, and English as a Second Language specialty courses.

We believe that world-class education should be convenient, affordable and available to the widest spectrum of students as possible, which is why we have designed our executive seminars and programmes to be delivered in an intensive interactive learning modular format to maximize the sequential learning experience.

New Westminster College has four constituent schools, which are the School of Cyber Security, School of Leadership, School of Diplomacy and School of Language. These schools are dedicated to serving a global executive student body of English as a Second Language learners and busy executive-level learners interested in refining their professional knowledge and acumen in cyber security and intelligence, leadership and diplomacy.

One of the significant assets of the New Westminster College of Caucasus University is the seasoned experience and academic qualifications of our faculty, guest speakers, Governors and Fellows.

Students at our School of Cyber Security are exposed to Governors and Fellows of New Westminster College that are subject matter experts in cyber security and intelligence that are currently and previously in professional careers that are responsible for leading and managing the cyber security and intelligence apparatus for their respective government, agency or corporation.

Students at our Leadership School will encounter both rigorous world-class curricula and professors well experienced in their respective profession. Our leadership and management programs are taught by active and former corporate presidents, CEOs, Generals, Admirals and other seasoned leaders that provide invaluable insights to effective and ethical leadership.

Students at our School of Diplomacy will also encounter rigorous world-class education often taught by ambassadors, senior diplomats, political leaders and government executives that provide unique experience and perspective into diplomacy, governance and public administration.

Students at our School of Language benefit from learning English as a second language utilizing world-class and innovative immersive English learning materials. Our language students span the spectrum of English language development. Some students are learning English for the first time to gain employment or admission to University, while others are learning English to qualify for a business or teaching certification.

New Westminster College is quickly becoming popular for our ethics-based curricula. In fact, New Westminster College now has Governors and Fellows in 69 countries that have joined with our noble endeavour to support us globally. Our Governors and Fellows include heads of state (presidents and prime ministers), cabinet-level ministers, 45 ambassadors, 120 generals and admirals, French and NASA astronauts, 100 surgeons and medical doctors, world renowned scientists and professors, business leaders and other accomplished professionals at the top of their professions.

Learning at the New Westminster College of Caucasus University will be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Students are embraced and continuously encouraged to achieve their highest potential. Alumni and graduates of our programs remain lifelong members of our academic family and benefit from friendships established within our rapidly growing  college and university families and global professional network.

You are invited to contact us to discuss your learning and career aspirations, and we personally look forward to welcoming you to the New Westminster College of Caucasus University and its global family and networks.

Professor Robert Goodwin III, BBA, MPA, PhD (HC), DLitt
Dean, New Westminster College of Caucasus University

Professor David K. Shimp, BS, MS, PhD
Deputy Dean, New Westminster College of Caucasus University


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The New Westminster College of Caucasus University respects and adheres to all laws and regulations regarding accreditation and shall not offer or issue any degree without first receiving legal authority and accreditation of the particular jurisdiction where such programs are delivered and require accreditation.



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